Why Us

Why We Need Website

We’re living in the world of information, although with the rise of mobile application, a mobile responsive website is still important as the basic fundamental gateway for a business to reach wider audience on any devices.

Did you know develop mobile apps for both iOS & Android is 3x-4x costly than developing a new website and most importantly mobile app take space in devices and require to download prior to access the information.

With the rise of Millennials (Generation Y) who highly obsessed in technology, they expect to get a brand information in their fingertips with a click and a search. Therefore your brand’s or business’s website is highly important for them to access the information.

Competitor may not be your enemy, as competitive drive innovative. But if you do not have a website but your competitor have, you may lose a huge market as consumer nowadays they find what they want online, if you do not have any online appearance then you’re giving them a reason to buy from your competitor.

Consumer are shop 24 hours 365 days around the world, with a website or e-commerce running all day and all night long allows your customer to visit your site any time they want and your business literally running 24 hours a day.

Imagine an MNC is looking for supplier in your region, your website information is one of the most effective way for your business to reach them.

Did you know 81 percent of consumer do their research online before they make any purchase! In other word, they will go Google to search what they want but if you do not have a website, chances of your business appear in the search engine result are ZERO (0)

Why Tech Maker

We create amazing design with outstanding website performance together with all the incredible tools that help to boost up your business

Speed Matter

Our website are well optimize for speed and size, although 5G is on its way but keeping the size small is still important for the website to be loaded in mere seconds.

SSL Encrypted

Secure Sockets Layer or what we all know (SSL) is important as it is one of the security measure to ensure your communication between you and server are safe & encrypted over the open network.

So all our website are always comes with lifetime SSL encryption to prevent your site being highlighted with “NOT SECURE”

Mobile Responsive

As the smart phone getting smarter, it can replace more devices for any task. Hence a responsive website is important to adapt any screen size without trouble your audience visiting your website.

FREE Essential Business Tools

Website allow your customer to know more about your business, but with the right tools integrated in your website, you can do more with a better lead conversion tools such as Live Chat for you to clear your customer doubt on the ground and Analytic Tools allowing you to analyse web traffic for much precise marketing campaign!